Teaching Outside the Classrooms

Taking learning outside of the actual classroom is very important the EHA! The article from Vanderbilt Center for Teaching, "Teaching Outside the Classroom" by Lily Claiborne, John Morrell, Joe Bandy and Derek Bruff states, "Teaching and learning can become inherently spontaneous and student-centered when moved from the confines of the classroom into the world at large. From the collaborative learning atmosphere that results from the unique relationships developed outside the classroom, to the deep learning that occurs when students must put into practice “in the real world” what they have theorized about from behind a desk, field experiences are unmatched in their learning potential.  Field experiences early in a student’s career can be formative and can inspire students to continue in a field."

EHA believes that 21st Century teaching must go beyond the classroom walls!  It should reach from your community, across the national to across the ocean!

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