Our students are active learners. We showcase core math skills used in planning the design, extensive background reading of historical cities, a dedicated work ethic involving multiple drafts and peer input, use of technological tools, and an impressive understanding of planning.

Children at Chabad Esformes Hebrew Academy do not just memorize content and learn isolated skills; rather they apply core curriculum to real world problems in a way that demands focus, attention to detail, careful revision, collaborative work, and creativity. These are all skills that living in the 21st century requires.

Our approach to education is both simple and unique:  learning core content and skills in the context of authentic experiential thematic-units. This approach draws students in and invites their participation. We rarely hear questions like,  “Why are we learning this?” or  “Do I have to know this for the test?” Our students learn content and skills as they become scientists, writers, dancers, actors, active citizens, historians, painters, cultural researchers, graphic designers, architects, and singers. What more could you want for your children as they prepare for the next step in their education, as well as their future lives as adults?

The Reggio Emilia Approach inspires our early childhood classes and paves the way for these cognitive adventures. Through creative play, art projects, and other “languages” of learning, our youngest students are joyfully discovering how to explore concepts and frame knowledge. This ability to develop their own ideas, think critically, and explore continues throughout the grades and throughout our many learning experiences and expeditions.

But don’t take my word for it... I invite you to visit our vibrant school! See us in action and be drawn in by the excitement of our teachers and students alike. Be captivated by our students as they become so engrossed in their work they don’t want to stop. Find yourself wishing that you could again be in school again…

We look forward to meeting you and exploring how your family can become part of Chabad Esformes Hebrew Academy family.