Tuition and Fees

Tuition changes every year. Below are the tuition rates for 2018-2019 school year. In addition to tuition and the reservation fee, there are book, curriculum, building fund and other fees that may apply.

Registration Fee:   Non-refundable


Kindergarten-8th Book Fee: Non-refundable


Preschool Book Fee:  N on-refundable 

Preschool Snack Fee:  Per Child $50
Preschool-Middle School
     Per Year $7950
     Per Month $795
High School:
     Per Year $11000
     Per Month         $1000
Building Fund: Per Family                                    $200

 Tuition notes:

  1. The school year is a ten-month program with the 1st tuition payment due at registration and the following payments are due on the 1st of each month from July 1 - Apr 1.
  2. After school begins, new students enrolling on the 1st - 15th of any month will be required to pay the full month’s tuition at the start. Those enrolling after the 15th of the month will pay one-half month’s tuition at the start.
  3. For parents who wish to pay cash in lieu of using a check or credit card, the cash has to be in office no later than 2:00 pm on the first of the month when tuition is due.  If the 1st falls on a weekend, cash has to be in the office on the Monday immediately following. 
  4. A 3% surcharge will be added to all credit card payments. NO cash will be accepted after 2 pm on the first of the month.  NO exceptions will be made.
  5. Any check returned NSF or Credit Card payment declined will be charged an additional $35.00 fee. 
  6. Any check not paid by the 1st of the month will be charged a $25.00 late fee.
  7. Any inquiries regarding your account should be directed to the bookkeeper.
  8. If it becomes necessary to withdraw a student from school, a two week notice is required. For withdrawal of any student(s) the parent or responsible party of the account must: (1) complete and sign a withdrawal form, and (2) bring tuition account current.
  9. Fees may be charged at all grade levels for trips that require bus or van transportation.