Physical Education

Students learn the importance of a mind-body fusion at the school's ongoing Athletics Program.

Students learn to physically excel. In this way, they learn to persevere, set goals to improve their fitness and to combine a drive to succeed with a sense of kindness and team spirit.

Some of the organized sports includes football, soccer and basketball.

The idea is to ensure that the students understand the importance of a mind-body fusion, that healthy bodies help spark active, effective minds.


The arts program at Esformes Hebrew Academy is an amazing blend of the visual arts, art history, technology and construction. Each class is challenged with a design problem and must creatively brainstorm to develop artistic skills as well as self expression.

llama1.jpgArt classes have been designed to reflect the teaching in the Language Arts, History and Science classes. Mosaics  to Modern Art, sculptures, paper collage, painting and sketching are all incorporated into this diversified arts program for all students in kindergarten through 8th grade.  Students immerse themselves into various areas of the arts, not only through various 2 and 3 dimensional mediums but by investigating different careers in art such as architecture, fashion design, or illustration.  



All students study multi-cultural art making from past to present techniques, including batiking, jewelry design, weaving, clay modeling, yarn crafts, and paper mache` as a support in understanding color theory, perspective, texture and line studies. Charcoal drawing, watercolor and acrylic painting, colored pencil and tooling foil lessons are planned to round out an exciting, cutting edge program.

Children learn how to do ancient and modern art while also learning the history of those eras. They design mosaics and vases in the style of ancient Greece, experience art making on the walls inside a prehistoric cave, and produce prints in the style of 1960's Pop Art. 7th and 8th mixed media.2.jpg

They also study the Masters of Art History, from Leonardo da Vinci, to Monet, to Andy Warhol. 

Fundamentals are also stressed. Students incorporate their knowledge of shading, contrast, color theory and composition into all of their work; inspired by history, across cultures, or individual artists. Through the use of class critiques, students learn how to communicate about their own artwork and how to use their peer community to grow as art makers.