General Studies

To promote flexibility in our general studies program, our curriculum is laid out in grade bands where we have grouped developmentally appropriate material in a general sequence. This means that our curriculum will not always follow the timing of the public school system, or "typical" grade level knowledge. We connect the curriculum in a way to enhance the continuity of the content that students are learning. For example, we may wait to introduce fractions until a student has learned division, as that will help the student get a fuller understanding of the concept of fractions. Or we may introduce decimals alongside place value, as decimals are a continuation of that concept.

Our curriculum is currently divided into 3 main bands:

  • Primary School- which covers standard Preschool knowledge through Introductory Phonics and Math
  • Lower Elementary- which covers Advanced Phonics, Introductory Writing and Grammar, Time, Place Value, Etc... (roughly end of Kindergarten through 2nd)
  • Upper Elementary & Intermediate School-LA, Math, Social Studies, Science (3rd-8th grade), and Computer Skills (5th-8th grade)

Each student maintains a working portfolio alongside the curriculum that helps track and set educational goals.