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School Demographics

Day or boarding: DAY

Coed or single sex: COED

Number of students :

Preschool: 28

K-8: 53

Number of faculty: 

Preschool: 7

K-8 General: 9

K-8 Hebrew: 6

Administration and Faculty

How long has the director been in office? Since the development of the school

Faculty Degrees: Preschool: All DCF Certified K-8 General: All Education Bachelors & FL State Certified (Elementary Education, English Secondary Education) K-8 Hebrew: All have Advanced Formal Hebrew Training

Curriculum and Instruction

Teaching methods: Differentiated Instruction is the best way to describe the philosophy of the school. Please read more on the Curriculum Section.

Is technology integrated into teaching? Yes, students are using computers and the internet on a daily basis to assist in learning concepts, checking understanding, and creating products to present their learning.

Religious Emphasis

Which denomination or faith? Jewish, Chabad Lubavitch

Intensity of observances (relaxed to mandatory): Encourages continued growth and observance of Jewish principles

Campus and Facilities

General appearance: Combined building with the synagogue, natural wood and earth tones for a calm environment. K-8 upstairs school, Preschool in the downstairs wing

Athletics facilities: Outdoor basketball court, indoor large room

Sports programs: Recess and P.E. class

Arts programs: Weekly Art classes

Security and Safety: Key carried by teachers required for entry into building and all access doors of the school. Teachers also carry panic buttons. Intercom and phone system in place, and safety drills are routinely practiced (fire, tornado, intruder).


Urban? Rural? Urban, residential but conveniently on a main road


Tuition Fees: $7950/year $795/mo over 10 months

Scholarships: Income Based Scholarships through Step Up for Students accepted, and occasionally other scholarships available by donation


Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) creates a personalized assessment experience by adapting to each student’s learning level—precisely measuring student progress and growth for each individual. You’ll have essential information about what each student knows and is ready to learn within 24 hours. - See more at:

Benefits of MAP:

MAP B1.jpgInform instruction using valid, reliable, and real-time data

MAP B2.jpgMeasure the growth of every student over time regardless of on, above, or below grade level performance—and even if standards change

MAP B3.jpgEngage students and families in goal-setting

MAP B4.jpgCreate and reinforce evidence-informed instructional practices

MAP B5.jpgEvaluate programs and identify professional development needs

MAP B6.jpgCompare and predict student achievement and growth over time via exclusive normative and growth information


The L’havin assessments have been designed to enable principals and educators to collect information about the levels of learning students have when they arrive, what they achieve during a semester’s course, and what learning is retained as they progress from grade to grade. Ultimately, the assessments track learning as a developmental process, and provide a continuous self-reflexive basis for improvement. Administrators, mechanchim, board members and parents have seen great improvement in their ability to pinpoint areas of strength and weaknesses based on the report generated from the assessments administered.