Our Staff

Our school is staffed with a dedicated team of highly trained educators. Each member of our esteemed school faculty demonstrates a deep sensitivity to the needs of both students and their families, coupled with an unwavering commitment to providing a superior education.

Regular faculty meetings serve as a platform for collaborative discussions on curriculum, program planning, and the exchange of innovative ideas. Furthermore, we prioritize the continuous professional development of our staff throughout the year. This commitment ensures that our teachers remain attuned to the evolving needs of today's families and remain informed about the latest findings from current research.

Both our principal and our teachers exemplify an extraordinary level of dedication and commitment to their roles. Their dedication extends beyond the classroom, and they view education as more than just a profession; it is a genuine avocation for them. As a result, they bring to their roles a distinct and invaluable blend of professional expertise and personal experience.


EHA 2023-2024 STAFF

School Director 

Chani Ezagui is a dedicated director, Rebbetzin, and mother. She ensures that our school is always striving to provide the highest quality education, and is always seeking improvement. 



Rebbetzin Chani Ezagui

School Director

Hebrew Studies

Early Childhood Curriculum Director

New Student Tours

Mrs. Pam Noble

EHA Principal

Ms. Donna Plappert

EHA Executive Administrative Assistant

School Inquiries

School Records Manager

Rabbi Mendel Niasoff

Financial Manager

Purchasing & Budget


Ms. Gittel Schwartz

Front Desk

EHA Admin Assistant 

Community Program Assistant

Dr. Shelly Jebens, Psy.D.

SEL and PBIS Implementation Consultant

Ms. Sara Deray

EHA Admin Assistant 

Early Childhood Staff

Mrs. Mina Kubannek 

Torah Tots Lead Teacher

Mrs. Ilana Bitton

Torah Tots Assistant

Morah Malky Fogel 

Pre-K Hebrew Teacher

Mrs. Laurie Broad

Preschool Lead Teacher

Instructional Coach

Miss Laela Broad

Pre-K Assistant

Elementary and Middle School Staff 

Ms. Carmel Collins 


1st - 2nd Grade 

General Studies

Morah Bassie Rosenfeld


1st - 2nd Grade

Hebrew Studies Teacher

Ms. Batsheva Ezagui

Kindergarten-2nd Grade

Judaic Studies Assistant

Jacob Fullerton

Kindergarten-1st Grade

General Studies Assistant

Mrs. Deray

Kindergarten-2nd Grade

Support Staff

Rabbi Chanoch Rosenfeld

3rd-4th Grades

Hebrew Studies Teacher

Mrs. Jennifer Schmitt

3rd-4th Grades

General Studies

Coach Clint Clymer

Physical Education

Middle School 

Science/Social Studies

Mr. Jason Burnside

Middle School

English/Language Arts

Morah Etty Farkash

7th-8th Grades

Hebrew Studies Teacher

Community Program Director 

Rabbi Asher Farkash

5th-6th Grades

Hebrew Studies Teacher

Community Program Director

Rabbi Benyamin Simon

Middle School

Support Staff

Ms. Claire Zurstadt

Kindergarten-8th Grade

Art and Music Teacher