Our Staff

Our school is staffed with trained educators. Each member of our school faculty is sensitive to the needs of the students and their families and has a strong commitment to quality education.

The faculty meets on a regular basis to discuss curriculum, plan programs and share and exchange ideas. In order to uphold the high standards of our program, staff development is ongoing throughout the year. This ensures that our teachers remain alert to the ever-changing needs of today's families and to the findings of current research.

Our principal and our teachers are an unusually dedicated group of professionals whose level of commitment to each child does not stop at the classroom door, and whose commitment to education is truly an avocation. As a result, they bring to their jobs a unique and special blend of professional skills and personal experience.


EHA 2018-2019 STAFF

School Director 

Chani Ezagui is a dedicated director, Rebbetzin, and mother. She ensures that our school is always striving to provide the highest quality education, and is always seeking improvement. 

School Principal 

Selena Bowe joined our school in July 2014 as our principal. Ms. Bowe comes to us with many years as a principal, assistant principal and leadership experience from several schools in Atlanta, GA. 

Primary School 


  • Laurie Broad - Pre-K Director and PK 3 & PK 4 Teacher
  • Morah Chana Rosenblatt – Judaic Studies Teacher  and Office Support

Preschool 2 year olds/Torah Tots 

  • Amy D’Agostino - Teacher
  • Mackenzie Hanby - Assistant Teacher
  • Morah Chana Rosenblatt – Judaic Studies Teacher and Office Support 

  Preschool Assistants

  • Maggie Wilson
  • Sarah Amar-Hebrew
  • Rachely Orechman-Hebrew 

Lower Elementary 


  • Carmel Collins - General Studies
  • Morah Bassie Rosenfeld - Judaic Studies 

1st & 2nd Grade 

  • Jacqueline Cruz - General Studies
  • Morah Bassie Rosenfeld - 1st Grade Judaic Studies
  • Rabbi Chanoch Rosenfeld - 2nd Grade Judaic Studies  

3rd & 4th Grades 

  • Karen McGowan - General Studies
  • Rabbi Chanoch Rosenfeld - Judaic Studies 

Upper Elementary & Intermediate School   

Upper Elementary - 5th & 6th Grades 

  • Karen McGowan - Language Arts & Social Studies
  • Rabbi Farkash - Judaic Studies
  • Jennifer Dimayuga - Math & Science 

Intermediate School: 7th & 8th Grades 

  • Karen McGowan - Language Arts & Social Studies
  • Morah Etty - Judaic Studies
  • Jennifer Dimayuga - Math & Science  

Support Services   

  • Kathy Conrad- School Counselor  

Itinerate Staff;  

  • Coach Barb- Physical Education
  • Coach Clymer – Physical Education
  • Heather Khalifeh – Art
  • Tami Huth - Receptionist and Creative Support
  • Mitzi Ruiz-Bookkeeper 
  • Donna Plappert - School Administrative Assistant
  • Seritha Stewart - Communications/Marketing Assistant & Assessment Coordinator