Teachers at Esformes Hebrew Academy have higher standards than those in many public and private schools, both academically and ethically. While our teachers follow the national and state standards as the platform to drive their curricula, students learn in exciting, tangible ways, with teachers pushing hard to integrate the material so that every subject dovetails into each grade's overall goals in history, language arts, math and science.

Done in a creative format, national, international, state and Jewish history are key for each grade's studies.  Students research and perform vivid historical re-enactments to make the lessons of the past come to life. The preparation for these projects begins with the literature chosen paralleling the historical era of each grade. 

Our classes integrate units with Art and Music thanks to the creativity of our teachers. First grade students learn about basic math by using the interactive furniture, Smartboards and variety of hands-on experiences. 

Elem.Sept6.jpgThis process is accomplished because the concept of mathematical formulas fits well with many aspects of life. 

Our science is able to integrate it's subject throughout every grade, thanks to our hands-on approach to learning. The wonder of the universe remains not only spiritual but is broadened through scientific exploration. The scientific method therefore begins in Kindergarten and is fully understood as a process for all exploration.

Critical thinking, while an integral part of all learning, is an essential tool in writing. Teachers stress journal writing and on-line research for papers to integrate with all subjects. The focus on writing is two-fold. One is to teach students to take risks, creatively. The second is to learn writing, not as an abstract skill, but as a tool used in context. Using both the creative and the concrete methods enables students to be effective, life-long communicators.