Middle School

Middle-school students at Esformes Hebrew Academy are at a unique transition point. They are on the cusp from being children to becoming adults. So the curriculum at the academy expands their horizons and their responsibilities.

All of these skills are nurtured by a heavy emphasis on positive attitude, character building, and having the "heart of the Torah". Our students succeed because their teachers have instilled in them an excellent, can-do attitude in tandem with rigorous academic expectations. The academic curriculum increases in its demands at all levels. Students work on project-based activities, increasing their writing skills with our Writer's Workshop, and participate in a variety of hands-on experiences. Also, students continue to focus on fluency in the Hebrew language and Hebrew studies. 

Dissecting8.12.1.16.jpgOur science department is able to integrate it's subject throughout every grade, thanks to our hands-on approach to learning. The wonder of the universe remains not only spiritual but is broadened through scientific exploration.  

As part of the academy's value-based curriculum, students will begin to volunteer their time each month. They will be expected to exemplify the Jewish value of Chesed or kindness through continuing after school clubs and community service activities. Activities may include tutoring younger students and helping those less fortunate around the world.